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Life Should Always Be Enjoyable And Sweet

Looking for ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT that is clinically proven?

From Reversing DIABETES to STRESS Management, we focus on the ROOT CAUSE & PREVENTION of diseases.




At Sweetlife, we believe that life should always be enjoyable and sweet. This is why we practise a holistic approach towards treating and helping our patients.

At SweetLife, we believe in being different to make a difference in our patients’ lives.

This is why we focus on the root cause & prevention of diseases by offering simple yet effective alternatives to our patients.

Instead of using pills, injections or operations, we use advance & proven technologies to help our patients.

We also provide professional advice on diet, exercise & lifestyle modifications that is simple & easy to follow.

Our Clientele

What Our Clients Say?

I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes and Hypertension since 1992. After 2 months of undergoing Sweetlife treatment, I noticed improvements to my posture and my feet felt less stiff. There is also a 70% improvement in my sleep quality and bowel movements.

Roland Cheong (73)
Roland Cheong (73)Ex-Director of Oil Trading Company

I’ve been suffering from Diabetes for the past 20 years. My foot ulcer has been around for 2 years and healing process has been very slow. After undergoing the Sweetlife treatment for 2 months, the recovery of my ulcer improved, my numbness started to reduce and now, I’m able to sleep better! Thank you Steve & Dr Andrew!

Mathrasah (56)
Mathrasah (56)Retiree

I was diagnosed with Diabetes 6 years ago. I also have been living with foot ulcers for the past 6 years. After 2 months of Sweetlife treatment, my numbness has been reduced by 50%, along with improvement on my walking posture and sexual function.

Guna (79)
Guna (79)Property Negotiator

I have been a Diabetic for 36 years. Eight years ago, I had a growth on my left leg, which turned into a non-healing ulcer. Things changed when I started going for the Sweetlife treatment in the Wound Care Unit of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. The nurses said my wound, instead of remaining pale and grey and lifeless, became red, and true enough, I could feel when the wound bed is manipulated once again.

The wound also became smaller. However, the biggest change was not only the regained sensation, but also the restored nerve feedback mechanism. I could almost stand on trains without holding onto anything. I am very confident that together with the other treatments that I am receiving, I’ll experience a complete healing and my wounds will cover up in the near future.

Toh KC (70)
Toh KC (70)Retiree

15 tahun lepas, saya diberitahu doktor yang saya ada kencing manis. Lepas setahun, kaki saya pun dah mula kebas-kebas, tapi tak banyak yang boleh bantu. 5 tahun lepas, kaki kanan saya mula berluka, di mana ia tidak sembuh-sembuh. 

Bulan Jun 2016 saya diperkenalkan dengan rawatan Sweetlife dan dalam masa sebulan, kebas kaki dah kurang separuh & luka kaki dah mula sembuh dengan lebih cepat. Saya lebih stabil berjalan & dapat tidur lebih lama, dari 3 jam ke 7 jam sehari. Mata saya juga menjadi lebih terang. Terima kasih Teslamax!

Norhalijah (58)
Norhalijah (58)Penjaja

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