About us

Vision (Why)


Mission (How)

Focusing on the ROOT CAUSE & PREVENTION of diseases.

Action (What)

Providing ALTERNATIVE treatments by applying ADVANCE & PROVEN technology to help patients achieve BETTER quality of life. PROFESSIONAL advice on diet & lifestyle that is SIMPLE & EASY to follow is also provided.

We focus on the ROOT CAUSE & PREVENTION of diseases.

SweetLife Startup History

With the rise of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, migraines, knee pain & back pain, more & more patients are now dependent on medicines, on a daily basis. However, many of these medicines only suppress the symptoms & doesn’t treat the root, therefore patients continue to suffer & continue to take medicines. Patients are also more educated on the side effects of medicines, and therefore affecting the compliance.

On the other hand, some patients who are dependent on supplements also noticed they are not able to stop taking the supplements, which is just like taking the long term medications. While physiotherapy may be helpful in some cases, many patients suffer from recurrence of pain after a period of time.

When it comes to invasive treatments that involve needles (injections) or scalpel (surgeries), many patients are fearful. It makes perfect sense as neither of these treatments can guarantee complete recovery, despite of the Pains (physical & financial) involved.

Seeing this as a major problem, SweetLife Wellness Centre is set up to be different to make a difference in the Medical world. Instead of using pills, injections or operations, we apply advance & proven technologies to help our patients. We also offer simple & easy to follow dietary & lifestyle advice.