Health Talks

In our ‘KISS’ Good Bye series of health talks, our speaker Dr Andrew ‘Keeps It Short & Simple’ by explaining the medical terms or jargons in layman terms. This is to ensure the audience gains maximum benefits from the health talks, therefore helping not only themselves, but their family and friends.

  • Duration of talks: 1.5 to 2 hours
  • Language of Presentation: English, Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia
  • Topics of Health Talks are as follow:

‘KISS’ Good Bye to Diabetes

17.5% of Malaysians suffer from this deadly disease. And for those 60 year old and above, the incidence is as high as 25%. Complications of Diabetes include Stroke, Blindness, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure & Amputation.

Diabetes is usually viewed as a ‘Death Sentence’ as usually a Diabetic patients will be dependent on life long medications. The good news now is, recent research on Diabtes found that it is possible to ‘reverse’ this condition & say good bye to the medication, as well as the complications related to it.

With extensive research & clinical experience, let our medical doctor enlightens you on this disease that demands much attention.

‘KISS’ Good Bye to Stress

Stress? By itself, it’s not good nor bad. It’s how much of it & how we handle it that matters the most.

80% of the visits to Doctors are due to Stress. But why? Stress leads to Headache, Migraine, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Insomnia, Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Gastritis, Reflux, Cancer and even Common Cold.

Therefore, Stress resulting in poor work performance & poor quality of life is of no brainer. Let our Medical Doctor enlightens you on how you can manage your Stress better with at least 10 simple to apply methods.



Why treat SYMPTOMS when you can treat ROOT CAUSE?


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