Numbness / Cramps

Suffering from Numbness or Cramps?

Hands & Feet Numbness

Leg Cramps

Frozen Shoulder

Hands & Feet Numbness

Narrowing of blood vessels is part of the aging process. Since the blood vessels in the hands & feet are some of the tiniest, chances of them being blocked is higher compared to the rest of the body. The numbness is worse when the weather is cold, since the blood vessels constrict further.
When the blood vessels are blocked, oxygen & nutrients cannot be transported, causing the tissue & nerves in the area to suffer & die. When the nerves are affected, numbness & tingling sensation will start.

In a Diabetic patient, the narrowing process is accelerated, especially when the blood sugar control is poor. A patient usually starts experiencing hands & feet numbness within 5 years of being diagnosed as a Diabetic.

Do not underestimate the morbidity of numbness, as this is how the amputation of the leg usually starts. Patients with numbness eventually “loss” their sensation, acquire Diabetic foot ulcers that are difficult to recover, and end up with gangrene and finally, amputation. This is also why Diabetics are 40 times more likely to have a leg amputated.

The commonest treatment for numbness in the mainstream medicine is by prescribing the ‘Nerve Vitamin’, which is widely known as ‘Neurobion’. Neurobion is a combination of Vitamin B1, B6 & B12. For those who are taking this for their numbness, you will know how effective is this medicine towards the management of your numbness.
According to MIMS Malaysia, treatment results of Neuropathic Pain are often disappointing and the side effects of medications may be significant.

At SweetLife, using proven & advance technology imported from the US, blood circulation is being stimulated at the site of numbness. By improving the blood flow, nerves & tissue are revitalized, reducing the numbness for good. A clinical study carried out at angers Hospital University (France) showed a significant increase of arterial inflow in patients during stimulation. None of the patients reported contraction-induced pain in the leg

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps can happen during overexertion. This is due to the anaerobic (lack of oxygen) metabolism during overexertion. Lack of Potassium can also cause the same, hich can be easily treated by taking bananas.

However, there are some people who suffer from leg cramps in the midnight, usually between 3am to 5am. The cramps are usually severe enough to wake the person up. If you are suffering from this, you probably are feeling the pinch now as you know how your sleep is being disturbed due to the cramps.

Common treatment now? Probably only painkiller, one tablet before sleep, to prevent the cramp (which can be painful) from waking you up.

At SweetLife, we pool the legs with lots of blood, and by improving the blood circulation, the cramps can disappear for good, in a non-invasive way. The best part is, this is achieved without using pills, supplements, injections or operations.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a common disease which causes significant problems. Despite over 100 years of treating this condition, the definition, diagnosis, pathology & most efficacious treatments are still largely unclear.

In the general population, incidence of Frozen Shoulder is about 3% to 5% while in the Diabetic population, the incidence is up to 20%.

Frozen Shoulder starts with a painful phase which leads to stiffness & limited range of movements. It may happen after an injury or overuse. Although we know there’s inflammation that happens within the shoulder joint, the exact mechanism is still poorly understood. However, we do see Frozen Shoulders more often in Golfers (men) & housewives (women).

Current treatments include physiotherapy, steroids (oral & injections) & operations. The good news is, this condition may go away slowly by itself, over the course of a year or more.

At SweetLife, by pooling the affected shoulder with a lot of blood, many of our patients experienced immediate improvement in terms of the stiffness of the shoulder joint. The best part is, this is achieved without using pills, supplements, injections or operations.