Reversing Diabetes

Are you suffering from DIABETES?

According to WHO, 1 in 11 people in the World is diagnosed with Diabetes (referring to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in this article), which is about 9.1%. In Malaysia, 17.5% of the population are diagnosed with Diabetes. This figure is almost double of the world standard!

So why are we so worried about Diabetes? Diabetes is basically a state of high blood sugar, and this can cause inflammation & narrowing of blood vessels, which ultimately increases the risk of stroke, blindness, heart attack, kidney failure & leg amputation, just to name a few. There are also quite a number of other disturbing complications like numbness of the hands & feet, leg cramps, as well as sexual dysfunction.

The mainstream treatment for Diabetes at this moment, is more of a controlling (barely) the blood sugar. Patients continue to suffer as their conditions worsen with time & the dosage of their medications continue to increase. Complications of the medications & Diabetes per se are literally unavoidable.

By introducing an easy to follow diet plan (no calories counting required), patients can now enjoy not only delicious food, but most importantly, there’s an opportunity for them to stop their diabetic medications (depending on their compliance to the diet plan).

Probably one third of our entire life time is spent on the bed. Therefore, no one can denies the importance of sleep. According to research by University of Chicago, lack of sleep just for a week can increase Insulin resistance by 30%. A Diabetic patient who also suffers from sleep apnea, reduction of 30% of blood sugar can be achieved when sleep apnea is treated. With simple to apply techniques for Sleep Hygiene shared, reversing Diabetes is a dream comes true.

As Homo sapiens (human beings), we are all designed to be active physically. However, our current lifestyle demands us to be in sedentary mode. Taking a car as an analog to our human body, a car is more likely to break down if it’s left undriven, as the parts are designed to move the car, & not to remain stagnant. This is the same for us as humans, ie the less we move, the more likely we will fall sick, and this includes Diabetes. With some practical moves shared to our patients, you will now be closer to living a Diabetic Free life!

Why treat SYMPTOMS when you can treat ROOT CAUSE?


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